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P & I Services

Nisomar P & I Services (NSM) are part of the broad range of services offered by Nisomar group.

The services are designed for Ship Owners and Charterers through their P & I clubs, as members.

The full range of NSM services are designed to assist P & I club’s members in handling marine claims by providing factual and expert reporting.

The services provided by NSM are handled with competent skill and knowledge as well as with sincere attitude to cultivate trust of interested parties in a matter.

NSM believes in being consistent in its service provision and that maintaining best industry practices improves claims outcome by mitigating claim handling costs. NSM is committed to being prompt, professional, and fair in the claim handling process. Our experienced team handles all aspects of marine claims.


NSM personnel have been involved in all kind of surveys for over 25 years. With this experi- ence NSM is able to deduce whether attendance instructions are better handled internally or by an outsourced surveyor. We main- tain a list of external experts whom we work with and are readily available whenever required.

Our prompt reaction to survey requirements assists in the pres- ervation of crucial information which assists in determining the nature, cause and extent of damage and ultimately who is the responsible.

Surveys P&I NSM


NSM maintains good contacts with other players in the ship- ping and logistics industry and knowledge on the local ship- ping processes. This makes it easy to obtain information and determine facts of the cases under investigation without much delays.

Recovery Services

NSM, during survey, ensures the member’s rights of recovery against responsible parties are secured by serving the necessary claim notices. NSM will act swiftly in obtaining all documents and information relevant in pursuing a claim against the responsible party. A keen interest is given on statutory time limits under the applicable laws.

Recovery P&I NSM
Legal Assistance P&I  NSM

Legal Assistance

NSM provides independent sup- port and advice including expert witness and forensic analysis to support claims negotiations and during litigation. NSM retains a list of lawyers with good maritime background for assistance in maritime claims handling whenever necessary.

Crew Claims

NSM appreciates the need of maintaining twenty-four-hour contacts considering that incidents relating to crew happen anytime. An emergency contact list is retained, which include hospitals and doctors for medical evacuation.

NSM also maintains good contacts with authorities like immigration,

Coastguard/Port Police and embassies which assists in speedy processing stowaway for disembarkation and repatriation.

Crew Claims P&I NSM
Pollution Claims P&I NSM

Pollution Claims

NSM maintains good contacts with authorities concerned with environmental protection. With the knowledge on the regulations on pollution and disposal of damaged goods it makes it easy to respond to incidents relating to pollution and sanctions from the authorities.

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